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Designed to deliver alpha. Our proprietary, data-driven, and academia-based research process brings a systematic approach to investing.

Actively Managed Portfolio

Flagship Growth

The proprietary, academia-based, and data-driven research takes advantage of the individual equity growth of mega-capitalization stocks with the heaviest weights in index-linked ETFs. This active strategy utilizes security hedges to reduce risk exposure and capitalize during market uncertainty. With a diversified mix of high-quality companies and a disciplined trading strategy, this portfolio intends to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for the growth investor. 

Passively Managed Portfolio

Sector Overweight Growth

The investment seeks to outperform the performance of the benchmark index, the S&P 500. The portfolio employs a sector overweight investment approach designed to similarly track the performance of the index. The buy and hold strategy invests solely in passive index and sector-based ETFs by sampling the indices, meaning it holds a broadly diversified collection of securities that, in the aggregate, approximates the indices in terms of key characteristics.

A mission to deliver alpha.


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